Monday, February 9, 2009

The Interview

Okay, am thinking about doing a deck interview today. I've wandered about in the Layout section of AT and found a few that may be promising. I have a bottle of Southern Comfort in case I need that type of comfort when the throw is done. It pays to be prepared when biting a bullet.

New Acquaintanceship Spread for your deck? Maybe I can fool them into thinking I want to start this relationship from scratch. Like, you know, if you have this horrid neighbor who keeps sending her dog over to your front yard to dispose of its by products so you bring her a platter of chocolate chip cookies while wearing a big, friendly smile. Then Evil Neighbor continues to point toward your front yard while opening the door for her 4-footed fiend, oops typo of course. Then you make more cookies and it is simply coincidence that you've just cleaned your front yard ...

No. Never try to fool the cards. Note to self: do doo-doo duty in front yard today. Okay, onward and forward and etc.

New Deck Thread:

Three cards:


1. What will you give me?

2. What do you want in return?

3. What kind of relationship should we have?

This one doesn't appeal to me due to position number 2. It is too blunt. I am afraid the Page of Wands will fall there and that would represent my first born (only) son and I've grown awfully fond of him. And what more could they want? I buy my pretties incense, they have a lovely, velvet-lined carved wooden box that my daughter bought for me, I surround us both in the pure white light, I caress them when they're cold, defend them when they are insulted in the forums -- done everything short of starting them a fan club and erecting a monument in their honor. What card would say "I demand to be wrapped in purple silk"? I don't even wrap ME in purple silk.

Feel the fear and let it go ...

Today may not be the day to interview my deck anyway. It's ... not the right combination of weather conditions. (?!) And anyway there's a full moon with all types of interesting lunar eclipse stuff connected to same and even though I don't pay much attention to that type of thing in regard to readings I don't want to take any chances. Note to self: Insert ill-dignified picture of Seafra and her thoughts here.

Did run across this juicy spread so I think I'll try it.

How can I become a better tarot reader?
Using a linear spread:
Position 1: What I already do well -
Position 2: What I need to work on -
Position 3: External resources for improving -
Position 4: Internal approaches for improving -
Position 5: Overall advice

It is now on my list of Things To Do for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Opening Act

I'm been loving/hating my RWS deck for many years now and it has been returning the same to me. When in the throes of some quandary or another I like to be told rather abruptly what my role is, what brought me to such a place, what the lesson is. This deck will on occasion give me a much needed bitch slap while providing a back story I should have been aware of, remind me that life's a wild ride if you've a mind to gain wisdom, and seems most joyful when I'm seeking the lesson.

I'm curious as to how it will go. Sooo, let's start with a quick reading.

I'll let my cards be my co-star in this opening act. How will we work within this tarot blogging/PDR thang, you and I? (Cards are cold -- it is freezing here today -- so I'll take a moment to warm my pretties up and off we go.)

Two fliers; Knight of Sword Reversed -- 10 of Cups

Ah, my cards correct me -- it's not a love/hate but is in fact a hate/love. See what I mean? I can't help but smile at my cocky cards.

Despite years of use and developing personal nuances as meanings go, my mind often grabs one of Eden Gray's key phrases and needs to digest it before I go more in depth. Ms Gray's phrase here would be "always ready to start a fight." Yes my pretties, this is what we do. We fight. When reading for myself I have a tendency to look toward the dark side, arguing and swearing my way through a reading. I verbally attack my deck, get too logical, rush through the reading too quickly.

Then the Ten of Cups shows us "happiness inspired from above" and yes my pretties, we do indeed have that also. It's a pleasure to work with this deck and they seem to think the same about working with me. We're very much at home together and turn away from our difficulties, much like the pictured couple. We can dance like small children in affirmation of this fact. We also reach the zenith of spiritual fulfillment and simply bliss out.

Reading adds up to 10, the number of cards in a Celtic Cross which is my favorite layout. Reducing the reading to the number one it heralds new beginnings, ambitions, fresh opportunities, and the planting of new seeds. We begin a new adventure together and do so with joy.

Where does intuition come in here? Well, we are known to take every position in between too.

Testing, testing. I've knocked on the microphone to see if everything's working. My cards snicker, re-write my first paragraph in their own voice and tell me we've passed our first test here.

Hey, wait a minute, this is HARD! LOL My deck and I have already had our first (why oh why did I type first?!) public girl-on-girl fight regarding this project even down to picking the cards for an opening reading -- both fliers for crying out loud -- I mean, who's in charge here??!!

I'll misquote Margo Channing/Bette Davis here: "Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy ride." Wondering if this journey will have aspects of Kesey’s Merry Pranksters bus to reckon with ... I've never interviewed this deck and I know it has opinions and sarcastic comments it has been holding in for years ...